About Gaucha Chica

From when I can remember, I always loved our trips to Argentina. It was a biennial ritual that I looked forward to so much. My mother was born in a small town in the northeastern Argentine province of Corrientes. My grandfather, was an Argentine 'gaucho' with roots transcending continents. While gauchos may be known by some in social terms as "the cowboys of Argentina", for those who have never heard of a gaucho, the definition is of a nomadic and colorful horseman and cowhand of the Argentine or Uruguayan Pampas (grasslands) who flourished from the mid-18th to the mid-19th century and remains a folk hero. The Argentine gaucho is a symbol of bravery and unruly strength.

With my abuelo on 'Blanca' when I was 8 years old

I am proud to say that my 'abuelo' (grandfather) was an authentic gaucho from the Pampas of Argentina. He was not only brave and strong, but he was one of the most skilled artisans I had ever met. He designed and hand-wove his own leather whips and lassos with the utmost detail and integrity. So much so, that to this day, we still have some of his amazing creations that are as strong and beautiful as they were the day he made them.

Hand-woven leather lasso and whip made by my abuelo

My 'abuelo' lived a long and amazing life full of adventures and vivid stories. He drank 'mate' (more on that later) and cooked a mean 'asado' (more on that later too!). All in all, my abuelo was my hero, and he IS my inspiration for Gaucha Chica.

Gaucha Chica was created from the admiration of a very special gaucho and a deep-rooted love for the vast, rich and beautiful landscape of Argentina and all that its natural resources and native artisans provide and create. My purpose is to bring to you the highest quality, most uniquely pleasing and representative elements of fashion accessories and home goods that will also provide a positive social and economic benefit to the craftspeople and communities where they originate.

My name is Anna, and I welcome you to the adventurous styles and stories of Gaucha Chica.