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My name is Jesica Urbach and I founded Menta in 2017 immediately after graduating as an industrial designer. Since I was little, I have been deeply fascinated by and involved in the world of art, design and creativity.

I was encouraged to launch an innovative concept creating contemporary jewelry using the iconic and representative material from the Argentinian culture: leather.

Menta is designed for empowered, authentic and inspiring women.

These accessories will make powerful women glow with beauty and stand out from any crowd. Our statement jewels will be the star of every outfit but still remain versatile and comfortable.



Cajú bags is a family owned business in Buenos Aires Argentina.

Created by a mother and her daughters in 2017.

We manufacture 100% leather products.

Made with love, dedication and commitment.

Always trying to satisfy our clients.



My name is Maria Eugenia Antunez, designer and owner of the leather handbags and accessories company Amulett.

My experience in the world of leather goods comes after graduating as a fashion designer at the University of Buenos Aires. Amulett emerged in 2019 after working, designing, and manufacturing leather products for prestigious brands in Argentina.

OUR DESIGN: Design and art have always been present in my life and they were and are the driving force behind the creation of our design pieces. The geometry, the color, the mixture of textures and versatility are distinctive characteristics of our brand.

MATERIALS & MANUFACTURING: Our products are all made by hand. They are made with 100% cowhide and suede leather.

intentional styles

exclusive designs

bold statements

Happy Gaucha Customers

"I LOVE that bag. I am so excited to use it!!!"


"...Absolutely love them [earrings] and can't wait to wear them today! I appreciate the personalized service, packaging and note."


"...I wanted to thank you for the quick delivery for the lovely bracelet and for the lovely card and tea bag! You truly are amazing!"


"Thank you so much for helping me and my family be safe! Appreciate it!"


"Shout out to Gaucha Chica for the wonderful masks this company is making. You get to pick from a large collection of fabrics...and the masks have a pocket for a filter. Anna delivered them beautifully wrapped - but best of all, for every mask you order - she makes and delivers a mask to a frontline worker!"


"You are so kind. It feels like a gift to offer your made-to-order masks to my colleagues during these times...the thought that someone is making the masks especially for us lifts spirits...Thank you for your support!"

GW Hospital MD

"Not only are the masks so beautifully handcrafted, your presentation was heartwarming. Just gorgeous. Flowers too. It felt like the package was a gesture delivered by willing hands. I am thrilled to be able to deliver these today at the hospital. Can't thank you enough."


Best mask maker award goes to...Gaucha Chica!!"


"It [the bag] is more beautiful than I could have imagined!"

timeless traditions.
roots that run deep.