Brighten your day in La Boca

Known for its eccentric vibe and colorful facades, La Boca has been the pulse of artistic expression in Buenos Aires for decades. At every turn you are greeted by bold colors that exude the friendly atmosphere of this working class neighborhood.

If you happen to encounter intense booming sounds and loud cheering during your visit, you have likely arrived during a "partido de futbol" at estadio La Bombonera - one of the most famous soccer stadiums in South America. This is where the famed Boca Juniors soccer team plays their home games. Warning, if you plan to attend a game, be prepared for a wild and rambunxious experience.

Just as in the many diverse neighborhoods within Buenos Aires, La Boca offers a mix of cafes, restaurants and artsy shopping for visitors to enjoy. Don't be surprised to see an impromptu tango dance on the streets where locals enjoy playing their traditional music on accordions and string instruments. The infectious energy will make you want to dance too.

You can't leave La Boca without visiting the famed centerpiece El Caminito - little walkway. A cobblestone pedestrian strip which was once a railway route. Today it is somewhat of a street museum flanked with the vibrant colors and Italian flavors originating from its strong immigrant population.

Be sure to add La Boca to your next Buenos Aires visit. However, do stay alert as you take in all that La Boca has to offer. Just as in many busy tourist destinations, it has a reputation of thieves preying on tourists who are distracted by all the stimulation surrounding them. 

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