Cheese on the grill?? YES, please! Meet Provoleta.

There is a certain allure that goes along with this bubbling cheese favorite in Argentina. The Provoleta is one of the most typical Argentine appetizers you will find on restaurant menus and at most any traditional Argentine asado gathering (an authentic Argentine grilling party).

Tossed on the grill like a steak, the thick slice of Provolone cheese is grilled until it is crisp and browned on the edges and just starts to ooze. However, I would warn that it is not a technique for amateurs to just try to throw on a grill grate as you may find yourself with a melting gooey mess that can't be salvaged rather than the delicious treat it should be.

A suggested alternative would be to use a small cast iron pan over your coals or grill grate. The Provoleta can also be done on a stove top or under a broiler. Any way you choose will deliver a delicious gooey topping on toasted baguette or spread over blanched veggies. To give it a true Argentine flavor, sprinkle the cheese with some dry oregano flakes before grilling or drizzle with your version of chimichurri (an Argentine olive oil and herb based food dressing). If you prefer some added spice, just sprinkle with red pepper flakes either before grilling or added to the chimichurri dressing. Enjoy with a glass of Malbec!


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